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Software company that specializes in developing innovative tools that support compliance with national, multilateral as well as international regulations that deal with the manufacture of, and trade in, dual-use and military items.

The R&D center of our company is located on Mount Carmel in Haifa (Israel).

We have an established subsidiary office in India, and we are in the process of opening an office near Washington, DC, in the United States.

The core of our company is comprised of engineers with decades of operational experience in various niche areas including EE, CS, mechanical disciplines plus AIML and frontier sectors.

We have complimented their expertise with those of professional software developers to design, build, test and operate a unique set of
innovative tools to support technical decision-making in the regulation of dual-use and military items.

Leveraging multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral expertise in engineering and license reviews, Safe-Zone provides practical tools for screening of Products (end use), Customers (end user), Sanctions Compliance (UN, US and other), and a host of advanced diagnostic and enforcement functions.

It can be customized to the requirements of any user and integrated with any existing platform (ERP or other) and can be deployed inside the security firewalls of the user’s platform. Its dictionary already includes US & EU list items and can be easily expanded to include control lists of any country.

Further, it has multi-lingual functionality, so it can work using English as well as can be configured to work with Arabic or other language commands and search functions that are offered by windows.

Our customers

In addition to government agencies, we have over 50 companies (small and medium-sized, as well as OEMs) that manufacture high-end products.

As forprospective customers, our services are geared toward any government or corporate entity that deals with export or import of products (hardware/software), components, materials and technology.

Safe-Zone also offers customizable
modules for use by enforcement authorities, including customs agents, lawyers, and consultants, as well as a new module specially designed for entities that are involved in financial transactions related to facilitating shipment of dual-use and high-end industrial goods (banks, insurance companies) or assisting manufacturers and shippers of dual-use goods (Mergers & Acquisitions teams, investors, venture capitalists).


Regulators and licensing officers to examine and classify any product + helping decide if the item requires an export license, and if so, whether based on national control list or drawn from multilateral regimes+ and makes the licensing determination faster and more accurate.


Companies to use safe-zone while selecting major components and technologies during the design phase, to ensure that the final product does not have any licensable items if it is being designed exclusively for a civilian end use. This avoids adverse license ruling, as well as expensive and time-consuming work by companies to redesign a product and re submit for license determination by the authorities.


Companies to classify their products and components Vs all the international regimes and local regulations such as ITAR, EAR, EU-LIST, MTCR, Wassenaar, AG, CWC, NPT and more – including classifying their suppliers and subsidiaries with the relevant regulation in the source country, in the transshipment countries and at the final end-user country


Enforcement units to execute a wide variety of computed enforcement procedures that facilitate effective, efficient and targeted enforcement.


Banks+ to examine the relevant international transaction in accordance with their responsibility stemming from the mandate of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1540 which includes all financial institutions amongst “brokers and facilitators” and stipulates that they ascertain that the product involved in the transaction is not subject to any WMD related prohibition or restriction.


Government authorities inspecting operations of banks and NBFCs (non-banking financial institutions)+ to conduct product and customer screening on suspect transactions + for anti-money laundering and proliferation prevention purposes.

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